The Council have decided it is possible to revert to a face to face meeting for this year’s AGM.   The AGM will be held on Sunday 7 November 2021 at 2.00pm in the clubhouse

The following notices have been sent out to members registered on the WebCollect system:

  • proposal to hold the AGM and details of the Date and Time of the meeting
  • requesting nominations and/or expressions of interest  for positions on the Council
  • request for proposals from members for consideration at the AGM
  • request for notice of proxy




The AGM will be held in the clubhouse.

Stage 1 – Advance Notices

Publish Notices described above by email to all members through the WebCollect system.  Posted on 3rd October 2021.

Hon Sec. to receive nominations and proposals for discussion.  These shall be received by 18th October 2021.

Stage 2 – AGM Documentation (see below)

On this web page the Hon Sec. will publish the following for comment by members:

  • Publish the Agenda
  • Publish the minutes from last year’s AGM
  • Post list of nominations and member proposals
  • Publish Council Reports by:
  • Commodore
  • Membership Secretary
  • Treasurer

Any comments shall be sent to commodore@rvsc.co.uk by 31st Oct 2021.

Stage 3 – Member response

Council will consider member nominations and proposals received by 19th October at the Council meeting of the 19th October 2021 and modify the reports and proposals accordingly.  These will then be published on 20th October together with the Agenda for the membership to comment on by 30th October.

Council will receive and consider member response to the published reports.

Final comments will be reviewed by Flag Officers on 31st October and The Hon Sec will re-publish amended reports and proposals for voting at AGM by 1 Nov 2021.

Stage 4 – AGM Meeting – held on 7th November 2021 at 2.00pm

The meeting will beheld as usual in the clubhouse.

Open meeting by Commodore

Commodore will review reports and votes required.  The reports will be presented personally by the relevant Officer

Commodore to summarise proposals and request votes.

Commodore will summarise and confirm voting results.

Close meeting


AGM Documents

Notice of AGM 2021 – view

Agenda – view

Minutes of AGM 2020 – view

Commodore’s Report – view

Membership Sec Report – view

Treasurer’s Report – view

  • Inc – Exp Report – view
  • Cost Centre Report – view
  • Formal Accounts – view

Nominations for Flag Officers


Vice Commodore

Hon Secretary

Hon Treasurer

Nominations for Council  – view

Council Proposals

  • Fee proposal – view
  • Budget proposals – view

Close meeting