RVSC is an Unincorporated Association of its members.  The Council acts on behalf of its members in accordance with the constitution of the club.  As such in the current emergency we are “all in it together”, all in the same boat (so to speak).  The Council is required to administer the clubs affairs with regard to Health& Safety, legal requirements and financial solvency as well as provide support for sailing activity.

The government guidance to members is clearly spelled out daily.  Stay at home other than for certain exceptions.  Sailing is not one of these exceptions.  UU have interpreted the guidance and chosen to close their properties and as a consequence the club.

The treasurer is looking at the impact of this closure on the club accounts.  The club income is primarily from member’s subscriptions.  Those of you who have elected to pay monthly have done that in lieu of the annual amount and as such the total amount is still payable.  Members paying their subscription on those terms are requested to maintain those payments.  Please do not cancel the Direct Debits.  Any members who have difficulties with this should contact the Commodore for guidance on what help can be provided.

The Government has spelled out some financial support packages for small businesses that may apply to the club.  We are looking into the relevance of these to the club but this may take some time.  In the meantime we have sufficient reserves to meet our bills.  It may be possible, in the fullness of time when these issues have been fully understood, for the club to provide some financial recompense for members either later this year, or for the next sailing year.

In the meantime the Council would be grateful for your patience and support.  We will work with our partners to get the club back in operation as soon as we can.

One final thing to mention. If any members are struggling with getting shopping or through boredom or loneliness, Please get in contact and we will see if we can help in some way, Even if it is just a phone call to say hello and have a chat.