Super Sunday race series

Dinghy Racing, RVSC, Rossendale Valley Sailing Club
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If you have enjoyed the buzz around the place during our winter sailing events, then it is essential to get the Super Sunday race series in your sailing diary. The series runs over 12 ’rounds’, starting in April and running every three weeks until the end of November. Hopefully there will be a few social events after sailing as well, particularly in summer!

Three races per day, giving 36 races in total. You need to sail 20 races to qualify for the overall series. 

It is hoped to run a junior race at lunchtime – a short 20 to 30 minute race on a simple course.  This will be ideal for those who sail at Ops and Tops to get an introduction into club racing.
Sailors will be categorised into gold, silver and bronze fleet based on their experience and previous race results. So whilst all boats will race together at the same time, there will be smaller races happening within the race between people in the three fleets. So all abilities stand a chance of bagging points.

First race at each round starts at 11:30am

Super Sunday round 1 – Sun 7th April
Super Sunday round 2 – Sun 28th April
Super Sunday round 3 – Sun 19th May
Super Sunday round 4 – Sun 9th June
Super Sunday round 5 – Sun 30th June
Super Sunday round 6 – Sun 21st July
Super Sunday round 7 – Sun 11th August 
Super Sunday round 8 – Sun 1st September
Super Sunday round 9 – Sun 22nd September
Super Sunday round 10 – Sun 13th October
Super Sunday round 11 – Sun 3rd November
Super Sunday round 12 – Sun 24th November

Volunteers required at each round for Race Officer, safety boat driver and crew. Also volunteers for galley would be nice. Each sailor will be awarded average points for each duty they do (eg do a duty for a full day… 3 races per day, so you are awarded 3 average results which count towards your qualifying races). You must sail more races than you do duties for!

**Important** To ensure the success of the series and to encourage as many new comers to race as possible, no racing will go ahead unless we have a crewed safety boat on the water which is separate to the race officer boat. To spread the load between members, all sailors over the age of 15 must do a duty to qualify for the series.