RYA Centre Operating Manual

OPM-001 Operating manual – view

OPM-002 Enrolment form (printable version – view

OPM-002 Enrolment form – view

OPM-002.1 Taster Session enrolment form (printable version) – view

OPM-002.1 Taster Session enrolment form – view

OPM-003 Parental and Guardian Responsibilities – view

OPM-004 Risk Assessment – view

OPM-005 Risk Assessment – Res-Mix – view

OPM-006 Fire Alarm – view

OPM-007 Caribe Checklist – view

OPM-008 Jeanneau Checklist – view

OPM-009 Health and Safety Policy – view

OPM-009 HSE Checklist (printable version) – view

OPM-010 Child Protection Policy – view

OPM-011 Handling concerns, reports or allegations – view

OPM-012 Self Declaration Form (printable version) – view

OPM-012 Self Declaration Form – view

OPM-013 RYA Instructor Code of Conduct Self Declaration Form – view

OPM-014 Photography Consent Form (printable version) – view

OPM-015 Incident and Near Miss Recording – view

OPM-015 Faulty Equipment Log (printable version) – view

OPM-016 Faulty equipment Log – view

OPM-017 RTC Youth racing and Bullying Policy – view

OPM-018 Equality Policy – view

OPM-019 Emergency Procedure Flowchart – view

OPM-020 Complaints Procedure – view

OPM-021 Operating Manual Acceptance Form – view

OPM-021 Acceptance Form (printable version) – view