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Welcome to Rossendale Valley Sailing Club

You will find in these Members Pages how to make the best of your membership, how to make the best of your chosen sport, how to get involved in your club and how you can contribute to the success  of the Club.

Here you will find racing and events calendars, details of courses and work parties.  Race results and duty rosters will be included as the season progresses.

Announcement: Coronavirus Update 27 June 2020

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide the best sailing venue in Lancashire by growing our membership to support an active vibrant club run by its members for its members.

We will do this by making the best of our facilities, providing opportunities for members to improve and make an active contribution to the sport.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to provide a fun, friendly and welcoming environment for members to enjoy and learn their chosen sport.  To provide the encouragement and opportunities to  learn and experience the sport safely and provide the best facilities avaliable to the club.

How to get involved

“A club run by its members for its members”

There is always something that needs doing.  By enlisting members we keep our costs and member’s fees down.  At the same time members get together, get involved and have the satisfaction of playing their part.

Every activity put on by the club only gets there by the goodwill and hard work of the members.  Each member agrees when joining to play their part in the success of the club.  This can be by joining the Committee, joining a Work Party, or just offering to carry out a particular task.  Use the form below to contact a Committee member.

RVSC CLUB NOTICE – updated 27 June 2020

Coronavirus Situation at RVSC


Phase 2 – Covid-19 Guidance – 15 June 2020

This guidance relates to the circumstances outlined in Government Guidance “Step 2” implemented from 1 June 2020.  Further relaxation up to the 15 June will be assessed.

Relevant guidance:

  • Stay home as much as possible keeping households together
  • When out of home carry out social distancing, maintaining a 2m gap to anyone else
  • Can meet up to 5 others from a separate household for exercise
  • People can leave home for exercise as much as they wish, and travel to a suitable venue providing they return home
  • Follow “Track & Trace” guidance

Club Guidance

The above guidance can be interpreted that members are able to attend a sailing venue to sail within the overall guidance.  The club sets guidance to enable sailing as much as is reasonable within the Government Guidelines and the Phasing Overview above.

Club Guidance:

  • Members only can sail (no day tickets allowed)
  • Double handed boats should sail only with members from the same household
  • Social distancing always applies
  • Access to the clubhouse is only by the rear door. This door should be kept closed.
  • Access is to the disabled access changing room and toilets only. Showers are NOT to be used.
  • Space in the rear hallway is restrictive for 2m distancing. There should only be one person waiting in this hallway for access to the toilet.  Others shall wait outside the building observing 2m distancing
  • No access to equipment stored in the clubhouse or containers.
  • Support boats may be available at weekends only when there are volunteers available to man it.
  • The tractor will only be used to launch and recover the support boat. Operated by the Support Boat Team only
  • Club boats shall not be used.
  • Organised sailing (racing, training and Ops and Tops) will not be available.
  • Members should arrive dressed for sailing were possible but can use the disabled access changing room and toilets if necessary. Personal clothing and kit should NOT be left in the disabled access changing room.
  • You must have your own barrier/door key to gain access
  • You must ensure that all barriers/doors remain closed whilst on site and once you leave
  • Members shall leave the site immediately after sailing session
  • Boat maintenance is not permitted. Boats shall be removed for repair.

Risk Management

Members remain responsible for their own safety and shall comply with current Government and club rules.  Other than the usual risks of sailing covered by club rules, the following additional risks due to Covid-19 have been identified:

  1. Members attending to sail while suffering from the Coronavirus
  2. Members exposed to or contracting the virus whilst at the club
  3. Virus lingering on hard surfaces
  4. Members not complying with this guidance

Mitigation of Risk

The application of the Government’s core guidance principles will protect against these risks

  • Stay home as much as possible keeping households together
  • Comply with Track and Trace requirements
  • When out of home carry out social distancing, maintaining a 2m gap to anyone else
  • Can meet up to 6 others from a separate household

the following more specific measures shall be applied in addition.

  • Apply good hygiene practise assuming the virus might be present on all surfaces.
  • Use appropriate protection (gloves, sanitising spray) to limit contact when operating the barriers or more generally as necessary.
  • Comply with club guidance regarding club sponsored activities.

Access and Egress

Members should be aware of the potential for contamination during access and egress from the club.

Access and egress from the site are via the main gate adjacent to the road, this has been left unlocked by UU, and the further gate at the entrance to the car park locked by the club.  Both gates have dual locks and can be operated by the club key.

Access to the boat park and the reservoir are by two additional gates both operated by the club key

Suggested Access procedure: park vehicle, clean padlock, open padlock, open and secure gate, clean hands, drive through, close gate and close padlock, clean hands, drive on.  Members are recommended to use sanitiser following contact with all relevant surfaces to protect themselves.


Access to the clubhouse is to enable members to use the disabled access changing room and toilet only.  Members shall be aware of the potential for contamination of touch surfaces.  Provided hand sanitiser should be used on the entry and exit from the building.  Regular cleaning of these areas will be provided twice a week, but members shall assume that all hard surfaces could be contaminated and clean their hands regularly and at least as prescribed.

Sailor’s kit and clothes shall be kept with them and stored in their vehicle (no clothes/bags shall be left in the changing room).  Hard surfaces in the changing areas shall be wiped clean BEFORE use, using the provided wipes.

Toilet use shall be as good practise, wash hands after use and dry with hand blowers.

After use of the facilities, provided hand sanitiser shall be used on the way out of the clubhouse.

Support Boats

Support boats shall only be launched, recovered, and used by a team of specially trained members who will be fully versed with new club guidance and procedures.  Other members shall resist offering to help and stay at a 2m distance.  Members who wish to be part of this team shall contact the Commodore.

A separate Guidance Note and Risk Assessment will be made for this team. (Appendix A)

Support Boats will only launch in the following situations:

  • To rescue sailors in distress
  • To right boats in difficulties

Members shall ensure their equipment is well maintained and fit for use and use mast head buoyancy to prevent total capsize.  Members shall also assess the sailing conditions against their abilities to ensure they are able to sail safely without the need for the Support Boat.  It should only be required in exceptional situations.

Galley Service

The galley service will NOT be operating during this Phase

Document Ref: RVSC Phased Reopening v2.2 180620

Events Calendar

The events calendar provides details of all the club’s  activities and events.  it will be updated throughout the year so visit regularly to keep up to date.

The calendar is hosted on Google Calendar.

Click on the event you are interested in for more information or to add it to your own calendar app.

If you wish to include all these events in your calendar app use the + link included at the bottom of the calendar.

Make the most of Our Facilities

Our facilities were completely redeveloped in 2000 following a successful bid to the Sport England Lottery Fund.  The new clubhouse was opened on the 6th of April 2002. The stylish and modern building provides a good atmosphere and superb facilities to club members. 

The clubhouse can be accessed (with a club key) at any time through the rear entrance of the building. From there you can access changing areas and toilets. The lounge and Galley are not accessible except on activity days.

Clubhouse keys – are issued by either the Membership secretary or the Estate Team.  There is a £20 deposit for the keys. You will receive £10 back once they are returned.

Ample car parking, a landscaped grass rigging area and an on-site boat park all within easy reach of the water’s edge makes access to the water nice and easy.

As a full or junior member you can leave one boat on the boat park (provided there are spaces available).   The Club has spaces for approximately 80 boats.  Your boat must carry insurance whilst at the club either on the boatpark or on the water.  If no spaces are available a waiting list will be put in place.

An integral classroom within the clubhouise provides excellent facilities for hosting the full range of courses offered by the club.  Rossendale Valley Sailing Club is a Recognised Training Centre registered with the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).  The club provides a wide range of courses to our members.

Members can get involved by becoming an instructor and joining in the many training activities.

We have a large number of boards and boats available for hire. They are hired per 3 hour session depending on availability and support boat cover.

Our Boats include:

4 x Optimist (Oppies) – Ideal for children up to the age of 15. They are a small (7th 9 inches) singe handled boat that are ideal for kids to learn to sail in the hull shape makes them an extremely stable boat almost impossible to capsize.  Cost of £5 per session

4 x Toppers – Ideal for young or novice sailors this 11ft single handed dinghy are an extremely  popular  boat.  Cost of £5 per session

3 x Q’ba – These are a great boat to progress into and can be sailed single handed or with 2 people ideally 2 kids or an adult and 1 child. Cost of £10 per session

2 x Fireflys – These are a good double handed race boat popular with university race teams.  Cost £15 per session

3 x Wayfarer’s – These are the boats we predominately use for teaching at just under 16ft long they can comfortably take 3 adults or a family of 4. Cost of £25 per session


We have a full range of boards and rigs available at a cost of £10 per 3 hour session or £10 for just rig or just Board.

For use of  Wet Suits and Buoyancy Aids we ask for a donation of £2 each per session.

NOTE : Equipment can only be hired by club members. Minimum qualification is RYA Level 1  for single hander dinghy and RYA Level 2 for double handed dinghy hire. RYA Start Windsurfing for W/S hire.

If hiring on behalf of under eighteen year olds, these are the minimum qualifications that should be held by the supervising adult.

Club equipment can only be used if there is a powerboat on the water.

Hirers and supervising adults must make sure that equipment is correctly put away and sails are dry before stowing.

Use WebCollect to renew and update your membership and book courses and club activities.

Financial transactions with the club will be through WebCollect and you are encouraged to enable direct debit  payments through GoCardless to simplify these payments.

Club Activities & Programs

Club Racing

Club racing is held on Wed evenings and Weekends.  There is a full calendar of races throughout the year.

Learn More


Windsurfing is a very popular activity at RVSC. The reservoir is open 12 months of the year and offers excellent wind conditions. 

Learn More

Social Sailing

If you want to use sailing to escape the stresses of the week or catch up with friends and family then what can be better than social sailing

Learn More


Sailing is one of the very few sports in which able-bodied sailors and disabled sailors can participate on equal terms.

Learn More

Ops n Tops

Ops ‘n’ Tops is a parent supervised kids group that is facilitated by some of our finest sailors. These sessions are specifically aimed at helping the kids to gain confidence and also to have fun whilst sailing, this helps bring the club together as well as teaching the kids to sail.

RYA Training Centre

As an accredited RYA Training Centre via the RYA we are able to offer a range of sailing courses.  The programme is designed to get our members out on the water, be it in a dinghy, on a windsurf board, or assisting with power boating. RYA training is recognised worldwide, and achieving certification enables everyone to pursue their chosen sport outside of the sailing club.

Junior Windsurfing

Our Junior Windsufing Class runs in parallel with Ops n Tops using the club’s equipment to take the kids through the getting started phase to high levels of competance

Club History

The Rossendale Valley Sailing Club has been in existence since 1965. The club was originally constituted as a dinghy club, supporting fleets of enterprise, laser and fireball dinghies.  Following the introduction of windsurfing in the early eighties it was quickly recognised as an ideal inland water to develop this new sport.  The popularity of windsurfing was embraced by the club and a strong windsurfing membership was established.  Increasing club membership and the launch of the National Lottery provided the club with an opportunity to develop. An application to the Sport England Lottery fund was made in 1997.  After a great deal of work by club members the new Clubhouse was opened in April 2002. The excellent facilities now provided are attracting new members to the sports of Windsurfing and Dinghy Sailing.

Volunteer to get involved and contact the Commodore

Whatever you skills, talents or experience they can always be put to good use to improve your club.

The club is run by a committee of volunteers.  Use this form to get in touch.