Fishing at RVSC

Permit Holders only

Fishing is permitted at Clowbridge by annual permit.  Annual permits can be bought through the club’s “My RVSC” link to WebCollect.

Fishing is managed by Rossendale Valley Sailing Club.  The Membership Secretary will send the permit following successful application for a permit.  Permits run for a 12 month period from the date of purchase.  The annual permit permits fishing and access from all public access points.  It does not confer access rights to the sailing club and its facilities.

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Fishing at Clowbridge

Fishing is by permit only.

Permit holders shall:

  • not interfere with anyone sailing
  • do no damage to the property
  • cause no nuisance to other users of the property
  • not pollute or contaminate the water
  • not add any fish to the water
  • not leave any litter or fishing tackle or bait
  • bring no dogs

Fishing Rules

  1. All permit holders are to fish from a single location on the shoreline.  Fishing is only permitted within the boundary walls of the reservoir. All pools, ponds and feeder streams are out of bounds.
  2. If requested, members of RVSC or United Utilities staff must be allowed to inspect rod licences and any bag or container.
  3. The footpath around the reservoir must not be impeded by any fishing equipment i.e. bivvie’s, umbrellas or any other fishing tackle.
  4. Fishing between the valve tower and the club, and the area in front of the club, and along its perimeter is not permitted.
  5. Fishing is by rod and line only.  Two rods maximum may be used at a time from a single fishing location.  Max 3m between rod tips.
  6. Only barbless hooks may be used up to a maximum of size 6 including doubles and trebles. 
  7. No baited rods are to be left unattended.
  8. All fish to be returned to the water alive.
  9. No live-baiting.
  10. All anglers must be in the possession of disgorger and landing net.
  11. No closed season.
  12. The use of the following is prohibited – Float tubes or similar – bait boats.
  13. Keepnets to be to EA standards, min 2.4m in length.
  14. Please take all litter home.
  15. Anglers deliberately in pursuit of large fish must be in possession of  a suitably sized landing net and unhooking mat.
  17. All anglers will be held responsible for all litter surrounding their pegs regardless of whether it is their own or left by someone else.
  18. No night fishing, fishing is from dawn until dusk.

All anglers shall be in possesion of a rod licence.  See below for details.

Bait Restrictions

The following are PROHIBITED:

  • Loose feeding with anything other than earthworms, maggots or castor.
  • Ground Bait
  • Bloodworms
  • Live fish bait
  • Dead bait except that which is commercially supplied and disease free
  • Flavoured bait or flavour enhancers
  • Sweetcorn, Spam, Luncheon meat, Hemp seed

If you require any more information on this matter, please use the contact links.

EA Freshwater rod fishing rules

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